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who is the creator?

“A writer’s life and work are not a gift to mankind; they are its necessity."

 ~Toni Morrison

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LaToya is an author, coach, educator, entrepreneur, and eternal learner with over twenty years of experience and expertise enthusiastically engaging young minds in intellectual, social, and emotional growth.

LaToya enjoys captivating learners through the power of words and is passionate about promoting children’s literacy and instruction. She has published three children’s picture books.

She is the Lead Imagination Developer and Strategic Thought Instructor for The L.R.D. Experience, L.L.C.

LaToya is a certified life coach for kids, proudly implementing the Adventures in Wisdom story-based curriculum endorsed by Jack Canfield to help youth enhance their self-esteem, make good decisions and manifest their dreams.

Explore more about The L.R.D. Experience and connect for content sharing. 

What About the work?

Whether writing stories to lead as a role model, reading stories as a coaching strategy, or encouraging children to share their stories and dreams for the future, The L.R.D Experience is proud to work with little leaders, increasing intentional representation, creative inspiration, and interconnected collaboration for learning. 

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Why experience L.r.d? 

Wonder awaits all who are willing to create an experience. 


The LRD (Lead, Read, Dream) Experience

Leading influences decision-making.

Reading invites discovery. 

Dreaming inspires creative direction.

Experiences introduce opportunity.

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